Dominic Fulgoni

Dominic Fulgoni, despite the Italian name, is a native Englishman who has lived in Southern California since 1985. Moving to San Diego in 1994, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Television, Film, and New Media at San Diego State University. He came to the County in 1997 and began working in all aspects of television production, concentrating on editing and graphic design.

In 2003, he developed and launched the series, Down To Earth, a landscaping and gardening show for the Southern California region, and won two of his three Emmy awards for his work on the series. He currently produces video and multimedia content for the county, with a focus on animation and stories relating to public safety and environmental issues in our community.

Dominic has a love for travel and the outdoors, and likes to spend free weekends camping with his wife and two children. He also enjoys playing indoor soccer.

You can contact Dominic at