Suzanne Bartole

Suzanne has been a photojournalist and producer with the County since 2002. Previously, she worked at the NBC and Fox stations in San Diego as a news photojournalist and editor.  Her career has taken her across the country and abroad. She’s covered everything from the Santana High School shootings to swimming with sharks in the Dominican Republic to making martinis on top of glaciers in New Zealand. She serves as the NATAS Pacific Southwest Chapter Foundation CEO. 


Suzanne has won more than a dozen Emmy Awards for Lighting, Editing, Photography and Producing.  She is best known for her innovative style on Sam the Cooking Guy.  She received a BA in Television & Film from San Diego State University.


Suzanne describes some of her highlights at the County:


Safety Stickler 
Emmy Award winner. I love this story!  One of my favorites.


Sam the Cooking Guy
I started working with Sam at a local TV station when it was just a short segment for the morning news.  Once I came to the County we turned it into a 30-minute show.


Diver Down
The medical examiner has such a great group of people working there. I love highlighting interesting parts of their jobs.


Behind the Scenes: Six Dimensions of Health
Super challenging project and rewarding when it was all done.  My first music video.