'We’re a walking nightmare.'

We hear a family’s story about losing their infant son to SIDS, and learn how to keep sleeping babies safe.

Yard Makeovers to Cut Water, Add Color

With San Diego knee-deep in a drought, it might be a good idea to ditch that thirsty grass in favor of a vibrant, easy-care garden. Find out what one Master Gardener replaced her lawn with.

Poll Workers Needed for November 4 Election

Poll workers, especially those who are bilingual in any one of eight specific languages, are needed for the November 4 Gubernatorial General Election.

Pet of the Week - Val

Despite what the weather man says, it's fall in San Diego and that means breaking out the fall colors. Enter: Val.

Flu Deaths Highest on Record

Last influenza season was the deadliest in San Diego since the County began tracking the disease.

Second Snake Seized from Pedicab Driver

Animal Services opens a criminal investigation for animal abuse after second snake is seized from pedicab driver.