A Hard Knock Life No More

August 12, 2011 | 4:00pm

Mocha, the terrier blend who was discovered at a County shelter and went on to star as “Sandy” in a local production of Annie, was adopted by a Fallbrook family Friday.

“We’re so glad that Mocha’s found just the right family,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of County Animal Services. “Every pet deserves a loving forever home, and we think Mocha’s unique story helped remind people that animal shelters are full of affectionate and appealing animals.”

On Friday, Richard and Susan Bigley met Mocha at the County’s animal shelter in Carlsbad and made her part of their family.

Animal Services staff and Mocha’s foster parents selected the Bigleys from a field of applicants who had learned about Mocha in media stories this week.

It’s a happy ending for an animal whose fate has taken many turns this year. The friendly and cute 5-year-old dog was relinquished by her family at the County Animal Services shelter in Bonita earlier this year.

There, she was discovered by Rob and Alex Kuty, scouts for a production of Annie at Vista’s Moonlight Theater.

Mocha proved a talented canine actress who delighted audiences in five performances a week. But, while little orphan Annie found a loving home with Daddy Warbucks at the end of every show, when the play closed Aug. 6, Mocha was still searching for her forever home.

The pup has been living with the Kutys, her foster parents and trainers, since they found her at the County’s shelter in Bonita in May. She remained with them this week while Animal Services solicited and reviewed applications from potential adopters.

Now that Mocha’s been adopted, there are still hundreds of animals at the County’s three shelters waiting to become the “star” of their new home.

For more information, the public can contact the County Department of Animal Services at (619) 767-2675 or visit www.sddac.com.