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Photo Submission Policy

All photographs will be reviewed before posting. Photographs will only be posted if they have been taken within the County of San Diego and contain some civic, historical, artistic, or aesthetic value. The sole purpose of allowing the public to submit photographs for display on the website is to promote a positive image of the County of San Diego. For this reason, we will reject any photographs that are vulgar, obscene, derogatory or offensive, or that tend to place the County in a negative light. Furthermore, the website is intended to be viewed by individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and any photographs that are religious, political or sexual in nature will be rejected. Photographs containing copyrighted material may be rejected, depending upon the nature, context, and extent of the copyrighted material.

The photographs posted on this website do not reflect the views of the County of San Diego. Any reference to a viewpoint, product, service, entity, or organization is solely attributable to the individual who has submitted the photograph in question. These references may not be reproduced for the purpose of stating or implying County endorsement or approval of any viewpoint, product, service, entity, or organization.

By submitting a photograph, you agree that:

  • The County of San Diego has the right to publish, copy, distribute, display, and use that photograph in any public or private medium, as well as the right to modify the photograph in any way it chooses.
  • The County of San Diego is not liable for unauthorized use of the photograph by any third party.
  • You are the creator or owner of the photograph being submitted, and the photograph is not subject to any copyright claim by any third party.
  • You have obtained permission to post the photograph from any individuals other than yourself who appear in the photograph.
Terms & Conditions needs to be agreed upon before upload of photos begins