Snake on the Trail! What Do I Do?

You're hiking along one of our many awesome trails and you stop in your tracks because - eek! - there's a rattlesnake in the path. What do you do? 

Pet Adoption Fees Waived in Thank You to Military

In honor of Memorial Day, County Animal Services is joining Animals for Armed Forces and waiving adoption fees to military members and their families on Saturday, May 28.

Tuesday is Deadline to Request Mail Ballot for June 7 Election

If you want to vote in the comfort of your own home, you have only a few days left to request a mail ballot for the June 7 Presidential Primary Election. 

Take a Hike Honoring Veterans This Memorial Weekend

Remember our service members this Memorial Day with an unforgettable ascent up El Capitan with the "Warrior Challenge." 

TB Cases Reported at Two High Schools

A person at High Tech High Media Arts was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) and another person at Southwest High School recently started treatment for TB.

Nearly a Dozen Ducklings Rescued in Rancho Bernardo

Duck, duck, oops! These ducklings that suddenly found themselves trapped below a narrow grate are now out thanks to the quick thinking of two County animal control officers.